What Is Cover in Concrete?

The space amid the surface of fixed reinforcement and the outside of concrete of an RCC member is the concrete cover.

Mostly, it describes as “ clear cover” or “minimum concrete cover” in general speaking on construction sit
How to Define Cover
In simple words, Cover is defined as the small space remain between the outside of the concrete surface to the reinforcement inserted inside of that concrete structure.

Mostly, the thickness of the reinforcement cover is indicated in the structural drawing, or it shall be obtained from a relevant code of practice of minimum concrete cover for reinforcement.

Here all pieces of information about the specifications for reinforcement cover for different structural members in different conditions.
In RCC structures, the reinforcement is enclosed by the adequate concrete cover to protect the bars from atmospheric conditions, making reinforcement corrode. Different ways are available to measure concrete cover, and other terminologies like Clear cover, Nominal Cover, and the effective cover is used to define this.