What is meant by stress and momen?


What is meant by stress and moment?with example.

In simple words. Stress is nothing but resistance offered by a structural member to the load/force applied on the member per unit area.

Therefore its unit is addressed to be in force/area that is kn/m2 or N/mm2.

If you will think of stress as a concept of resistance offred when we apply force/load. The picture will be more clear and easy to understand.

I am not explaining moment as i dont have a good ex for it. I hope other members will get back to u soon. Just hold and wait. Your question will be answered completely
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A force when loaded to a material can cause it to deform. this is called stress and is always quoted as f/A

Moment in the other hand is the product of force and the distance usually from the reference point. It's also called torque.