Answered What type of failure occurred in this column?


Jun 1, 2019
Can someone explain what sort of failure causes the problem seen in the below image?
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Load-carrying structures may fail in a variety of ways, depending upon the type of structure, the conditions of support, the kinds of loads, and the materials used. For instance, an axle in a vehicle may fracture suddenly from repeated cycles of loading, or a tensile member may stretch excessively, so that the structure is unable to perform its intended functions. These kinds of failures are prevented by designing structures so that the maximum stresses and maximum displacements (strains) remain within tolerable limits. Thus, strength and stiffness are important factors in design. The last type of failure is due to elastic instability of a structure.
Modern High Performance Concrete is recognized by High Compressive Strength with densification of concrete structure by gravimetric compaction of water-insoluble ingredients.
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Buckling failure due to improper structural load design.....