Which countries have higher job opportunities for a civil engineer?


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Dec 18, 2017
NZ:— Very small country ,already developed there fore less scope available, economy not growing, huge IMMIGRATION already taken place .Though civil engineering is in skill shortage list but no.of jobs r limited.

AUSTRALIA :—- large country ,already developed, slow economy growth ,some of regions (3) under development. HUGE IMMIGRATION already taken place during 2007 to 2013 for civil engineering sector. Limited scope in less developed regions. A large no.of students from various country under going masters programme will get preferences in jobs.

CANADA:—— Already developed country , full filled the requirement for civil engineers through EXPRESS ENTRY programme. Limited scope available for professional jobs .Many professionals doing small jobs such as taxi driving ,restaurants, hospital jobs etc.

UK:—- Already developed ,facing economic slow ,BREXIT effect , unemployment rate very high thus very limited scope for jobs.

EURO ZONE:—- SMALL COUNTRIES ,good for higher studies, Already developed, not much scope for MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE .

USA:— best destination for higher studies but in TOP RANKING COLLEGES ,huge COUNTRY ,economy slow down is getting subsided, ,enough scope for infrastructure development,.
Jobs available provided you get HIB visa.

You can get a global reconised degree from above mentioned countries and should seek jobs in LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES ,SOUTH AFRICA ARAB and even in INDIA where growth of infra structure development is very fast .A 100 smart cities ,metro n bullet train projects,housing projects and MAKE IN INDIA makes INDIA a vulnerable COUNTRY for civil professionals.
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May 28, 2018
In addition to above mentioned countries India, Germany, Japan and Switzerland are also having better career opportunities for civil engineers.