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Why are there negligible jobs for fresher civil engineers in India ?

Dec 18, 2017
These are the following reasons-
  1. Obsolete syllabus. The syllabus is not up to date with the current methods and technology. Students are paying lakhs of Rupees as college fees to study theodolite. I mean….juz give me a break!!!
  2. Poor quality of faculty. Frankly speaking, only a very small percentage of faculty is good in engineering colleges no matter how much big name the college has. And these are less than 10percent of the total faculty considering the entire department. The thing is, unemployed students turn into teachers after some mediocre work experience and the cycle continues. And the best students are in the industry and not in academia.
  3. No focus towards soft skills. Almost in the entire 4 year curriculum, there is negligible focus towards encouraging the students to improve their communication skills, writing, negotiation skills which is an absolute requirement in whatever field you chose to go.
All the best Everyone. Thanks for reading.