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Why Freshers and Young Experienced Engineers Fails to get job

Oct 4, 2017
Very good one. One more very important information I wanted to share with u all. I get opportunities to interview freshers as well as experienced Engineers to the tune of 15 to 20 Years working as Project Managers. We nowdays are more focussed in one or two categories at a time like Quality control, blockwork, plastering, concreting etc., and many of them does not want to learn multiple categories which definitely helps you in getting jobs easily. For example, if an Engineer is looking after Shuttering/barbending he is more concentrating on that and he never show any interest in any other category even in a project where everything in going on in front of him.
This is a very bad procedure. Try to learn as many catergories as possible even though not completely (100%). Once I was interviewing an Engineer working as Project Manager. Whenever I was asking questions regarding Quality Control/Quantity Survey/ and other technical questions he was saying there are separate people for all these in my company. This answer shocked me.
Any company requires multi talented people , so that in case of emergency, they can reshuffle them as per their requirement. This also helps Engineers to get job easily in one or other category. Salary is the other important factor. One should look into the befenits of joining a company than the salary. One should be flexible in this regard also.
Hope the above points may help in getting jobs easily for all Civil Engineers.
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