Work Method Statement for Anti-Termite Treatment

Work Method Statement for Anti-Termite Treatment

This procedure covers the method of Anti-termite treatment carried out in line with the approved Technical specifications.

IS 6313 PART 1, PART 2 & PART 3

Responsibilities of all concerned is clearly mentioned with respect to overall administration and implementation in the approved Organogram.

Anti-termite chemical, water

  • MSDS (material safety data sheet) for the hazardous materials should be available at site.
  • Authorized person should be handle the material.
  • Workmen should be Used PPE’s properly.
  • Tag out the material.
  • Keep the material under adequate supervision

As per the requirement and the direction of Project Manager.
As per the requirement and the direction of Project Manager.

  • Complete the soil filling in layers not exceeding 15 cm in depth. Compact the filled earth to the required density (95%). Soil must be free from organic and deleterious material.
  • All leveling and grading should be completed.
  • All concrete formwork, leveling pegs, timber off cuts and other debris/materials should be removed from the area to be treated.
  • Check & mix chemical as per standard.
  • The backfill in immediate contact with the plinth beam shall be treated at the rate of 7.5 liters of chemical solution per square meter of the vertical surface of the same for each side.
  • The top surface of the consolidated earth within plinth beams/walls shall be treated with chemical solution at the rate of 5 liters/sqm of the surface. If the filled rammed earth surface does not allow the emulsion to seep through, holes up to 50 to 75 mm deep at 150 mm centers both ways may be made with 12 mm diameter steel rod on the surface to facilitate saturation of the soil with the chemical emulsion.
  • The earth around the external perimeter of the building up to a depth of 300 mm shall be treated at intervals of 150 mm. Chemical solution poured along the wall at the rate of 7.5 litres / sqm of vertical surfaces.
  • When pipes, wastes and conduits enter the soil inside the area of the foundation, the soil surrounding the points of entry shall be loosened around each such pipe, waste or conduits for a distance of 15 cm, and upto a depth of 7.5 cm before the treatment is commenced. When they enter the soil external to the foundation, they shall be similarly treated unless they stand clear of the walls of the building by about 7.5 cm for a distance over 30 cm.

Protocol indicating the stages of anti-termite treatment jointly recorded by the Contractor and Client representative.
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