Work Procedure for planning and scheduling of Project

Work Procedure for planning and scheduling of Project
Purpose :

To document a procedure for planning and scheduling of Project.

Objective :
A plan is prepared so that the project is completed as per schedule.

Scope :
This procedure is applicable to the entire project that the company proposes to develop.

Responsibility :
Regional Manager (RM)
Project Manager (PM)

Quality Records
1. Construction Master Program
2. Detailed Program
3. Tender Documents

Associated Procedure
Pre – Construction Activities
Site Meetings

  1. Based on the size of a project, the Project Manager (PM) in consultation with the senior MANAGEMENT shall prepare a Construction Master Program
  2. The Construction Master Program shall indicate broadly the major activities of the project and the schedules for completion of these activities.
  3. Upon completion of the Construction Master Program, the PM shall decide whether to formulate a detailed Program for ease of project monitoring and control. All major activities mentioned in the Construction Master Program shall be broken down to the required level in the detailed Program.
  4. The detailed Program shall generally consist of, but may not be limited to, the following:
    • Activity listings
      • Bar chart indicating
        • Schedule of shop drawings submission
        • Schedule of construction drawings required
    • Schedule of work
    • Schedule of key dates
    • Sub-contracting the activities
    • Obtaining various statutory approvals that may be required for completion of the project which may include but may not be limited to the following:
      • NOC from Chief Fire Officer
      • Intimation of Disapproval (I.O.D)
      • Commencement certificate at various stages
      • Permission for temporary structures.
      • Application for Labour License.
      • P-Form requirements.
      • Drainage Approval
      • Drainage Completion Certificate.
      • PWD elevator completion certificate
      • Approval from Chief Fire Officer
      • Occupation Certificate
      • Water connection and permanent power connection.
      • Fortnightly schedule of work.
      • Based on the detailed Program, the PM shall review with the project team and the contractors the progress of construction on a regular basis.
      • It shall be the responsibility of the PM to present a progress report for the site under his charge at the monthly progress review meeting. As deemed necessary; PM shall modify the detailed Program so as to meet any revised schedule dates in consultation with the Senior Management.
      • The PM shall prepare tender documents based on the Construction Master Program , detailed Program and technical specifications. Generally tender documents shall be prepared for
        • Civil works.
        • Sanitary and plumbing works.
        • Electrical works and
        • Fire fighting works.
        • Tendering procedure shall be followed to select the contractor for the job.