Work Procedure for pre-construction activities


Sep 7, 2017
Work Procedure for pre-construction activities

  1. Once all the formalities related to taking over of the plot are completed A detailed written report to be submitted to the Director (MD) or Vice President (VP), the Project Manager (PM) / Construction Manager (CM) shall arrange to complete the formalities related to pre-construction activities.
  2. Responsibilities of PM / CM shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following:
    • To arrange to clear bushes, shrubs and clear the site.
    • To make provision for availability of water by means of
      • Municipal supply;
      • Bore wells or
      • Water tankers.
  3. To arrange for electric supply from
    • Local electric supply authorities
    • Provision of site D.G sets
  4. To obtain approvals through the architects for all temporary structures such as site offices, godowns, meter rooms / sub-station, labour camps, toilet blocks and all other relevant facilities.
  5. To furnish site office with following:
    • Notice board
    • Tables, chairs, fans and lights as required
    • Telecommunication and fax equipment
    • Computer and connectivity to office
  6. To construct sales office with proper landscaping. The pathway leading to sales office shall always be kept neat and clean.
  7. To construct toilets for staff and labourers and mark same accordingly.
  8. To construct a field test laboratory room and equip the same with equipment for testing (For field tests).
  9. To fix a board at vantage locations (e.g., near main gate) displaying the name of the company, type of building being constructed etc.
  10. To find out invert level of the existing,
    • Municipal main storm water;
    • Sewerage manhole including the possible shortest route to them from the proposed manhole of the plot;
    • Existing road levels;
    • Proposed road levels; and,
    • High flood level in the area.
  11. To make location of the nearest municipal main water supply outlet / ferrule including the possible short routes to it.
  12. To make location of the nearest electrical sub-station / transmission lines.
  13. To conduct trial pit exaction and soil investigation.
  14. To carry out a contour survey of plot to establish levels and a survey to establish all existing features such as buildings, trees, nallahs, wells, transmission lines, drains etc. A copy of such survey results shall also be forwarded to the architect so that prject layout can be worked out based on the data provided to them..
  15. The PM / CM shall keep the Director and V.P informed about the progress of the pre-construction activities on a regular basis.
  16. Records related to pre-construction activities shall be maintained by the contract department / record maintaining team and retained for a period of at least two years after completion of the project. These records shall consist of , but may not be limited to the following:
    • Survey maps;
    • Soil investigation report;
    • Plot boundary demarcation records.
  17. The PM / CM shall ensure that the following are available before the commencement of work.
    • Availability / facility for safe drinking water at site;
    • Site possession letter;
    • Application for labour license;
    • Permission for temporary structure;
    • U.L.C Clearance or conditions (if applicable)
    • Storm water drain remarks
    • I.O.D (Intimation of Disapproval)
    • C.C (Commencement Certificate)
    • C.F.O (Chief Fire Officer Approval);
    • Any other certificate required to start the work
    • One set of all drawings approved the local statutory authorities and attested by the architect as true copy;
    • Material stacking permission if Government land is to be used;
    • Principal employer license from labour department;
    • Where applicable, details of underground and overhead facilities eg power cable, HT transmission lines, telephone lines/cables, sewer lines and water pipes with the site.
  18. The PM / CM shall ensure that the successful contractors, before the start of work submit the following:
    • List of responsible staff to be posted at the site with designation and nature of work assigned to them;
    • The name of the authorized person to act o behalf of the contractor;
    • The list of equipment which shall be deployed at site and the stage at which it shall be deployed; and,
    • Method Statement For Carrying Out The Work.
  19. The PM / CM shall allocate proper place for company’s site office, cement godown, store room, meter room for construction power supply, contractor’s site office, labour quarters, water storage tank (temporary or permanent), storage areas for sand, metals, reinforced bars, structural steel, bricks for the proposed building so as to avoid frequent changes of above structures and minimize the overhead costs. A plan showing these facilities shall be drawn and retained at site. However, if during progress of work these facilities are shifted to buildings under construction, they need not be recorded.
  20. The PM / CM shall be issued a letter by the Direcotr or VP authorizing him to act on behalf of the company. He shall interact with the contractors, architects, consultants and shall certify bills of various vendors / contractors and also issue instructions to contractors as and when required.
  21. The PM / CM shall ensure that before the start of the work all relevant and required set of working drawings are available at site duly stamped “good for construction” by the architect. These drawings shall also be signed by the PM as “good for construction for site use”. He shall be responsible to see that at no stage the work is stopped on account of non-availability of appropriate drawings at the site.
  22. Before the commencement of the work, reference bench mark (T>B.M) shall be established and marked by the PM at few prominent locations. The T.B.M shall be established with reference to the crown of the existing adjoining main road. These benchmarks shall not be disturbed till the project is completed. After the first floor slab is over, T.B.M shall be shifted on to the building for permanent position.
  23. On receipt of plans from the architect, the PM / CM shall compare these with the drawings approved by the authorities (and if applicable, drawings approved by Directors ) and point out if there are any discrepancies.
  24. On setting out the building as per setting out plan issued by the architect or structural consultant through the architect, the PM shall have the same checked by the architect or his authorized representative and obtain a confirmation to the setting out being in order, and as required by the approved plans.
  25. The PM / CM shall verify and check the drawings received from the architect with respect to the following:
    • Location of trees, if any, at site with respect to the proposed structures, marking the same on the drawings and intimating the architect through the TIC.
    • Finished ground level of the plot and plinth level of the building with respect to the existing main road level and to ensure that these levels are higher that the road level.
    • Invert Level (I.L) of the proposed manhole with respect to the existing main Municipal manhole and ensure that sufficient slope is available between them towards the municipal manhole. (for efficient drainage, Municipal manhole I.L is to be at lower level than the I.L of the proposed last manhole(s) of the plot).
  26. It shall be the responsibility of the PM / CM to display in the site office, prominently on a notice board, the address, telephone number of the following for emergency purpose:
    • List of Hospitals and clinics in the vicinity;
    • Municipal Office;
    • Police Station;
    • Ambulance Service;
    • Fire Engine Station;
    • Telephone numbers of following company staff:
    • Project Manager / Construction Manager;
    • Technical Staff;
    • Company Secretary;
    • Personnel Department;
    • Legal Advisor;
    • Structural Engineer / Consultant;
    • All agencies working at project.
  27. The PM / CM shall ensure that he has sufficient staff to assist him in the implementation of the project.
  28. The PM / CM shall ensure that the First aid box is equipped with, but not limited to, following:
    • Bandages and cotton;
    • Tincture of iodine;
    • Ointments similar to Burnol for burns & scalding;
    • Dettol or similar antiseptic liquid or cream;
    • Unscheduled drugs for common illness like fever, headache, stomach upset etc;
    • Thermometer.
  29. The PM / CM shall be responsible to take precautions for preventing breeding or mosquitoes.
  30. The PM / CM shall be responsible for availability/ providing facility for drinking water at site.