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Hey, I am Jonathan Trot The Man Behind I started this site to spread knowledge about Electrical/Electronic Engineering. I am a Degree Holder in Electrical Engineering.
Myself Krishna kumar, having more than 20 years of Experience in Structural Engineering/Civil Engineering.
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Hello sir,
Please clarify the below doubts
1. Is that advisable to cast 2 diff mix design of concrete of same grade such as diff cem,diff agg,diff admix 4 same structure @ same time.
2. Is that advisable to cast 2 diff grades of concrete for beam&slab separately but monolithically
3.Wat r d plastering norms such as thickness&ratio for every locations i.e., External brick wall, inner wall, ceiling etc
Dnyan Deshmukh
Dnyan Deshmukh
1. Not advisable but in unavoidable condition pouring can be done in such a way that, identification of two concretes is possible in structure. this is required just in case when there is a failure observation in concrete cube compressive strength.

2. Yes you can do that, first do cast beams and let the concrete of beam overflow into the slab and then cast the slab with concrete of slab grade.
Dnyan Deshmukh
Dnyan Deshmukh
ceiling - normally we should not do a plaster to ceiling but to makeup the undulation skin coat of up to 6mm is done to ceiling. higher thickness has chance of debonding and falling of the plaster.
Walls - on internal face 12 to 15 mm and on external face too the range could be same or as per the condition at your site.
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