compressive strength

  1. akhilhoneyrama

    Standard Deviation Calculation

    Standared deviation for Cube Strength Standard deviation for every grade of concrete shall be calculate separately. Because the value of standard deviation various based on the material used and batch mix. Based on the number of trials and based on the Indian standards...
  2. S

    Maximum strength Mix Design

    What is the maximum strength of concrete that we can design the proportions by using IS 10262 latest version and what is the highest grade of concrete to be used as per IS 456
  3. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Compressive strength test for concrete

    Compressive strength test for concrete Ref : IS 516 Purpose : To find out the compressive strength of concrete Salient features of apparatus: Compression testing machine Specimen Test Procedure: Remove the cubes from water after curing period Place the...
  4. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Compressive Strength Test of Cement

    Compressive Strength Test of Cement Ref : IS : 4031 (part VI) Purpose : To determine the compressive strength of cement Significance : Compressive strength of cement helps in determining grade of cement, in calculations of...