consumption statement

  1. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Material Reconciliation Format for the RMC concrete

    Concrete is a blood line of the construction projects where the structures are built in RCC. It is of high importance to keep the supply of concrete smooth either producing it on site or by buying it from other manufacturer. If you are working on concrete manufacturing unit then, the...
  2. waliaankit94

    Reconciliation Statement of Cement and Cement Coefficient derivation as per DSR

    What is Cement Reconciliation? Construction works compromising cement as a constituent requires cement consumption coefficients for estimation of theoretical quantities. The theoretical cement consumption quantity is then tallied with the quantity received at site to reconcile the consumption of...
  3. archdevil

    Material consumption statement for various construction works

    it is always advisable site supervisory staff should know about the consumption of materials, which shall enable them yo do a proper planning of procurement, reconciliation etc. find enclosed herewith detailed consumption statement of various material for various items. all these calculation...