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  1. Srinivasan

    the major roles of the quality consultant in the project.

    The role of the quality consultant is to consult to and work with organisations to develop and implement Quality Management Systems that meet the requirements of necessary quality managemen codes described by the concerned nations. Responsibilities Developing detailed documentation...
  2. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Compressive strength of bricks

    Compressive strength of bricks Ref : IS : 3495 (part I) – 1992 Purpose : To determine the compressive strength of bricks Salient features: a) Compression testing machine b) The compression plate, which shall have a ball seating in...
  3. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Aggregate Impact Value

    Ref : IS : 2386 (Part IV) Purpose : To determine the aggregate impact value. Preparation of test sample: a) Take a sample of aggregate passing through 12.5mm sieve and retained on 10mm sieve. b)...
  4. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Aggregate Crushing Value

    Ref : IS : 2386 (Part IV) Purpose : To determine the crushing value of aggregates. Significance : The aggregate crushing value gives relative measure of the resistance to...