rcc structure

  1. shubhamce2014

    Beam Design and Drawing of RCC Structures

    Beam Design and Drawing of RCC Structures 1. Introduction 2. Simply supported rectangular beams 3. Continuous rectangular beams 4. Cantilever rectangular beams 5. Flanged beams
  2. shubhamce2014


    Dear Friends, I am attaching herewith soft copy of BBS For Retaining Wall (Excel Sheet) to estimate the reinforcement calculation. It gives you complete idea on how to calculate reinforement. It contains all types of Bar Shape with their formulas. I hope You will Like it. Thanks Shubham CE2014
  3. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Site Engineers should not make this mistake in RCC structure

    In general below activities are overlooked by a Site Engineers and Supervisors. This may cause a serious trouble to the structure during earth quakes. Ring / Stirrup hooks not bent at 135 degree. The studies shown that, during earthquake a hook bent at 90 degree opens out and structure fall...