Site Engineers should not make this mistake in RCC structure

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
In general below activities are overlooked by a Site Engineers and Supervisors. This may cause a serious trouble to the structure during earth quakes.

Ring / Stirrup hooks not bent at 135 degree.

Ring Hooks.jpg

The studies shown that, during earthquake a hook bent at 90 degree opens out and structure fall downs.

This is a most important work over looked by many and not given much importance.

all must treat it as a important thing to check before fixing shutters to column and save the life's of many in future if any natural calamities happens.

2nd point where i would like to draw attention of every one is loose stuck concrete on rebars.

Rebar Cleaning.jpg

Many don't take effort to see the Yesterday's concreted structure, it may have

Loose concrete stuck on reinforcement bars and,

the construction joint not made at the top surface of concrete.

During compaction, over-vibration or a high slump concrete can cause the fines to get accumulated at top surface leaving the weak layer of concrete at top.

The top surface need to be treated to ensure no weak layer of concrete is deposited at top.

loose concrete stuck on reinforcement can cause a weak bond between concrete and rebar.

structures fails if, the weak layer of concrete fails to take load and improper bonding in concrete & rebar.

Hope all understood the importance of this 3 things, when you go for checking do check this points to build a good quality structure.

If you have any query on it you can post by replying here.