1. BhavishR

    Top bar reinforcements are to be cut from existing ground beam in hangar.

    Hello everyone I am new to this site. I was hoping to get some answers on this new project I am working on as a trainee engineer. CONTEXT The works include cutting new 100 mm deep rainwater channels across the floor, to drain rainwater from hangar rails to main discharge channel 5 meters away...
  2. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Site Engineers should not make this mistake in RCC structure

    In general below activities are overlooked by a Site Engineers and Supervisors. This may cause a serious trouble to the structure during earth quakes. Ring / Stirrup hooks not bent at 135 degree. The studies shown that, during earthquake a hook bent at 90 degree opens out and structure fall...
  3. Srinivasan


    SCOPE / PURPOSE This procedure is prepared for bending & placement of reinforcement bars as per relevant drawings & specifications. All reinforcement work shall be shall be executed in conformity with the drawings supplied and instructions given by the consultants and shall be generally be...