Ancient architecture and construction

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
They were the god like being for doing construction.

They really involved in all activities, they know each minute details and got huge experience from it.

Today's Engineer

Least bothered about things they do, they just go to job for earning money.
Activities are done by contractors labours as per their knowledge.
If mistake observed by somebody, then they start blame game.

If you really ask any engineer about any activity, how it should be done. You will get a feeling that a labour is better than engineer, at least he knows, what he is doing.

I roughly estimate intelligence in people (This is my own estimate, so your views might differ with me)
hardly 3% engineers know what they do, how its beneficial, is it really going to make difference.
Rest either follow it or just leave it to workforce to get it done.

Many engineers answer in below fashion when asked, why such wrong thing happen.

I have not yet checked, its contractor responsibility to do correct work, when i check i will tell him to correct it and then only will approve his work (This persons are shame for engineering background, they just come on work to earn money)

What the hell is going on site, you are not able to deliver anything.

Contractor not listening to me, i told him many times to do correct work but he still does in wrong way (this are the overburden on this earth and nothing to do with engineering, they pass engineering just to earn money that's it).

I hardly see few answering in different fashion, taking action before something goes wrong - this are the real engineers and are going to be leader of this industry.

There is no point in asking contractor to do correction after completion of his work, he will never accept it and even if he do, he will do it without interest and something goes wrong after this, he will literally fire on engineer, you dont know shit in this and this happen due to you.
Then such engineers never interfere in contractor activities as they are scared of loosing job.

In second situation - getting new contractor is hard but getting new engineer to do work is easy - what do you think, owner will prefer to do.

I am really worried about Today's Engineering specially young engineers, how they gonna survive in this market.

They are still busy in understanding 1:2:4 like thing and today's engineering have lifted up by seniors to new level of designing.

Its like you are drafting a drawing for township project on a paper for all detailing, when someone out their using a drafting tool like Autocad to build analyze and correct drawings at much faster rate (This is real situation of engineers, they are heading in black galaxy, without understanding need of time)

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
If teachers are taking action.

Our parents are sending them in jail for so rude.

Teacher can only speak in todays india, dont you know that.

Then why teacher will force there understanding on students which are not interested in learning.

Its Student who are responsible for there future.

We can take horse to lake, but cant make them drink.
We can send students to collage, but cant make them learn. And if any teacher tries to teach forcefully, we are the one who will first send them jail.

Understand this scenario, you will come to know about why the quality is getting down and down day by day.