BMC various department responsibilities


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hi all
find enclosed herewith the detailed presentation by the municipal corporation of mumbai explaining the duties and responsibilities of various departments and the officers
this presentation helps the engineers to understand the role of various municipal authorites
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This presentation helps you in understanding, Engineering departments in BMC.
Broad classification of engineering works.
Common types of minor / petty works.
Normal budget provisions for normal ward level works.
Some of important policy guidelines circulars for minor works.
What is E-Quotation and Un-star Tenders.
Salient features of E-Quotation and Un-star Tenders.
Role of vigilance department.
Organisation of BMC and some of its important functions.
Scope of work of vigilance department.
Selection of work for vigilance check.
New guidelines for execution of E-Quotation and un-star tender works.
Standard format for rate analysis of item to be scrutinize in e-quotation/un-star tender works.
Norms for responsibilities.
And a lot more things.


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