brick mortar calculations


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if you ask any site engineers the quantum of brick require per 100 cft majority of them shall answer 1350 nos needed for 100 cft of brick work. the explanation as follows:

1. size of each brick = 9"x4.5"x3".let us convert into inches as 0.75x0.325x0.25
2. hence volume of each brick = 0.0703 cft.
3. hence the volume of bricks in 100 cft without mortar=100/0.0703=1422.22 no of bricks.
4. the volume of mortar in 100 cft brick work =10% volume
5. so the mortar occupy 10/100*1422=142.40 no of bricks
6. hence the no of bricks required for 100 cft of brick work = total no of bricks- occupied area of the mortar - 1442-142=1280 mos of bricks
7. add 5% contingencies and breakage 5% of 1422 briks - 5/100*1422=71 no of bricks
8. hence the total no of bricks required for 100 cft brick work =1280+71=1351 briks
9. round of figure of bricks required for 100 cft brick work = 1350 nos ( modular bricks) in case of brick sizes varies the quantity also vary according to the sizes