Checklist for Flat Handover from Contractor Engineer to Client Engineer

Checklist for Flat Handover from Contractor Engineer to Client Engineer
Handover of flat in good condition from a contractor who executed work is most important, if the works are not carried out satisfactory, it will lead to customer dis-satisfaction during possession of flats to customer.

A person buying home can also refer to this checklist and get the flat possession after checking all those points from the checklist.

The flat handover checklist for taking flat from contractor and making it ready for possessions to home buyer includes following points;
Bedrooms, Living Room: Points to be checked

  • No Cracks on floor, wall tiles
  • Undulation of floor, wall tiles
  • Proper line & level of skirting, dado
  • Joint filling of tiles, skirting prior to cleaning.
  • No stain on floor, wall tiles
  • No sign of water seepage above skirting, on ceiling
  • Operational Smoothness
  • Water tightness , Sealant application
  • Cleaning from paints/ polish
  • Cleaning of tracks
  • Smooth operation of Handle and Locks
  • Operational Smoothness of shutter
  • No pealing off , undulation of Painted Polished surface
  • No de-bonging of wall plaster at wall-frame junction
Painting of Walls and Ceiling
  • Surface smoothness, no major undulations
  • No Surface crack
  • No sign of Peeling - off Paint
  • No difference in Paint shade
  • No seepage / dampness in wall, Ceiling
Electrical Installation
  • All electrical points as per drawing
  • All are in operating condition
  • All Connections are working
  • Alignment of electrical fittings
  • Cleaning of fittings,points,switches
  • Distribution Board location and functioning

Toilet Blocks: Points to be checked

  • Slope of Flooring to Floor drain
  • Joint filling of tiles, dado prior to cleaning
  • Any leakage, dampness on opposite wall, passage walls
  • Undulation of floor, wall tiles
  • No stain on floor, wall tiles
  • No sign of water seepage on ceiling
Sanitary Wares & C.P. fittings
  • Alignment & smooth functioning of W. C.
  • Smooth functioning of all faucets, no leakage
  • Finish & Operational smoothness of CP fittings
  • Smooth functioning of Wall Mixer, no leakage
  • Proper functioning of overhead Shower/ Shower panels, no drippings
  • No Leakage in Connector pipe of Geezer, Jet spray nozzle, Bottle traps, Water closets
  • Proper finishing of Nahani traps done
  • Are Accessories like mirror, Towel rod/ring, Glass partitions / curtain rods fixed in resp. areas as per drawing.

Kitchen: Points to be checked
Kitchen Platform

  • Whether Sink provided is Clean
  • Dado Tiling is in Line and Level (No undulation)
  • Polishing of Granite edge done properly
  • No leakage in the Bottle trap below the Sink
  • Aqua guard/ Exhaust fan fixed and working
  • No leakage in the angle cock for Aqua guard, pillar cock in sink
Customization Request: Points to be checked
Any Special Requirement of Customer as per approved customization request

False Ceiling in Lift Lobby Area
Proper painting / finishing done
Electrical light fittings done as per drawing.

Cleaning of Sanitary ware, C.P. fittings, bathroom accessories done
Micro cleaning of flats done
All the plumbing pipes in the shafts are properly clamped and the joints are properly filled. No dampness / leakage in the pipes

You can add further points in this checklist as per specific requirement and specifications at your project.

checklist is a important record it helps us in order to get work done correctly and it ensure we do not miss any point to check which is important from aspect of Quality of work.
Checklist attached herewith is just a sample provided for your reference, work carried out as per this procedure may have different sets of standards, material specifications, standard operating procedures and terms and conditions for doing that work. This all parameter or some parameter may not match with one you are executing at your Project.
Kindly use it as reference document only to create Checklist. You are free to modify edit, delete add any content in it and use it as per your requirement. find enclosed herewith the detailed check list for taking flats handover from Contractors Engineer by Client Engineer.
A flat buyer can also refer this checklist for taking possession of flat from a real estate builder or construction company