Checklist for Plumbing Works

Checklist for Plumbing Works
Checklist of plumbing work consist of following points;
  1. Check the wall has been plastered with waterproofing compound
  2. Check the shaft wall has been cleared from all loose materials
  3. Check safety precautions are taken care of at the top & bottom in span of work
  4. Check the pipes for the approved make
  5. Check for quality and size of the pipes as per specs
  6. Check for quality of supports, fixtures, sealants, bolts, nuts, thread pads, collars etc
  7. Check routing to coordinate with other services, if any
  8. Check for compatibilty of fastners, sealant and sleeves
  9. Check for waterproofing joints near the core cuts
  10. Check for waterproofing testing around the core cuts
  11. Check for all joints for air tightness by pressure testing and smoke test
  12. Check all terminal connection in relation to flow diagram
  13. Check for wall tippas before starting water lines in toilets and kitchen
  14. Check the position of diverters, pillar cocks, bibcocks,
  15. consist stop cock and angular stop cocks position with respect to tiles
  16. Check the level of the rain water pipes in balconys with tiles.
  17. Check the level of the rain water pipes in slope with the terrace.
  18. Check for all operational valves, meters etc for effective controlling & operation
  19. Check all the pipes are placed before closing it from inside toilet and kitchen
  20. Check the ducts are cleaned & pipes are painted before closing Brickwork
  21. Check the area is cleaned for the succeeding contractor
Plumbing work checklist is attached below.


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