Concrete mix Design for M50 Grade for Mivan Formwork

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Concrete mix Design for M50 Grade concrete with PPC Cement for Mivan Formwork is as follows;

PPC Cement 53 Grade – 560 Kg

Water Cement ratio (w/c) – 0.30

Free Water – 168 liters

20mm Metal / Aggregates – 467 Kg

10mm Metal / Aggregates – 471 Kg

Crush Sand – 883 Kg

Admixture Dosage – 1 %

Admixture – 5.6 Kg

Density of Concrete – 2554 Kg/cum

The complete mix design file is attached herewith.

You can modify the mix design by changing the specific gravities of materials which will make it relevant as per the material available at your place.
Changing the specific gravity will change the weight of material in mix design which is automatically calculated.
Do not use this mixes directly without doing prior trials of it, the data provided is for educational and better understanding of mixes.
After doing trial, if any issue observed, you can do adjustment by adjusting the % of each size of aggregate to achieve the required properties of fresh concrete.
Do ensure total of all aggregate percentage in mix should some to 100%

In general, for direct placement concrete
Ration of fine aggregates to coarse aggregates kept between 35:75 to 40:60
In case of pump concrete the fine content is kept above 45%
You can adjust the percentages of fines and coarse by looking at the concrete produced during trial.

Admixtures plays an important role in properties of fresh concrete specially in workability and retention.
Do select admixture correctly to ensure no failure during actual use of concrete.

All can reply to this thread with there mix design of same grade, this will help other to understand designing in more better way and can do a cost optimization.


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