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PLASTERING provides a finished surface that is firm and smooth .The plaster acts as a sound & thermal insulating layer ,to an extent . It also serves as a fire protecting layer .Plaster is a layer of cement-sand mortar ,applied over the masonary work ,which also acts as a damp-proof coat over the masonary work . It enhances the appearance of the building .The objectives of plastering can be breifly discussed as follows :
  • To Protect the surfaces from the atmospheric infulences .
  • To cover the defective workmanship in masonary works .
  • To provide a suitable base for colour wash /paint .
Thus ,It is an very important manual influenced activity . Here there are maximum chances of making mistake in executiing the plastering works . Though the procedures are well versed with site engineers, superviors and masons still there are defects observed in some or more areas . we have analysed some of the defects on our practical approach which we are sharing with you . It may be or may not be the case of defects you have seen as site to site conditions and situations are totally different .

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