Determination of Moisture Content at Field

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Determination of Moisture Content at Field
Ref : IS 2720- (Part II) - 1973

Purpose : To find out the water percentage of soil.

Apparatus :

Metallic pressure vessel

Counterpoised Balance scoop

Calcium carbide

Cleaning brush

Steel balls

6 grams of soil

Test Procedure:

Setup the balance place the samples in pan till the mark of the balance are Mass line up with the index mark.

Unclamp the clamping screw of the instrument sufficiently to move the U-clamp off the cup. List of the cut check that cup and body are clean. Otherwise clean it using a brush.

One Level scoop full of Calcium carbide half way inside the chamber.

Then lay the chamber down without disturbing the charge transfer the soil weighed out from the Pan to the cup tightly in to place.

With Gauge down wards shake the moisture up and down vigorously for 5 secs then quickly turn it so that the gauge is upwards hold the rapid moisture meter down wards. Again shake for 5 sec.

Then turn it with gauge upwards and top hold for one minute.

When the needle comes to rest take the reading. The reading on the meter are the percentage of water on wet mass basis.

Finally release the pressure slowly by opening the clap screw taking the cup out empty the contents and clean the instrument with a brush

Calculation :

Water content (m) obtained on the wet mass.
Water content (w) obtained on the dry mass


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