Determination of Specific gravity

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Determination of Specific gravity

Ref : IS 2720 (Part III) –Section-1

Purpose : To find out specific gravity of sample

Sielent features of apparatus:

Pycnometer bottle ( capacity 1000 gm )

Conical brass cap and washer

Procedures :

Clean pycnometer and dry it.

Find the mass (M1) of pycnometer , brass cap and washer

Take about 500 gm of oven dried sample and put it in pycnometer

Find the mass of pycnometer filled with oven dried sample ( M2 )

Fill pycnometer to half its height with distilled water and mix it thoroughly with a glass rod

Add more water and stir it

Replace the screw top and fill pycnometer flush with the hole in the conical cap. Dry pycnometer from outside and find the mass (M3)

Empty pycnometer, clean it thoroughly and fill it with distilled water up to the hole of the conical cap and find the mass (M4)


Specific gravity (G) = (M2 – M1) / (M2 –M1) – (M3 –M4)


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