Develop Your Engineering Training Plan

Members - I want to challenge you with a question: Do you have a training plan for your engineering skills? What does it look like? Is it written down or is it "just in your head?"

I would venture to guess that you probably don't have a formalized, written-out plan. You read website articles that are interesting. You review & reference design or construction manuals when you face a problem that requires some research. But is that a plan? Is your reading & study moving you towards an outcome, or is it just digesting whatever information crosses your desk or you phone screen?

To be good at anything, you need to train. You need to practice. You need to prepare. It takes developing a roadmap for the strategies and tactics that are required to reach a specific goal or end result. Our engineering skills are no different than, say, physical exercise - Planning & preparation are required to formulate a roadmap for calculated progress.

I want to challenge you today: Take a look at your current skillset - What does your "Toolbox" look like? What tools are you missing? What tools need cleaning & sharpening? I've written an article that will help you get started formulating an engineering development plan for yourself. Check it out & let us know your thoughts - Cheers!!

Develop Your Engineering Training Plan