For fresher Civil Engineers - Local Words used at construction sites and there meanings in English

Sumit Civil

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Dec 11, 2017
While working at construction project, we often heard a local word used by workers for various works.

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Below are some words with there meaning in English which i got so far, you can also add more here, it will help fresher engineers to understand it in more better way.

Bajari Glass - Pin Headed glass
Brass - Per 100 units of work
Butt finishing - Finishing at the Junction of Skirting and wall Plaster

Chameli glass - Glass with chameli flower design pattern
Chavi / Chawis - Wooden section
Chhara - Unfinished layer of cement mortar plaster (Thick)
Chhalan or Chalni - Sieving screen
Chharpatti / Column Patti - Thin Hold fast Strip
Chatt - Unfinished layer of cement mortar plaster (Thin)
Chikana stone - Stone used for Mirror Finishing
Chicken Mesh - Hexagonal Wire Nettings
Chinni - Chisel
Chuna Fakki - Lime Powder
Chuna Ghani - Lime Morter Mill

Depo - The heap of sand and metal (aggregates) or Only sand Required for one bag of Cement mix
Dhar - Edge
Dhar Patti - Plank Provided for Edge
Dhummas - Wooden Log for Ramming
Donga - White wash
Drum - Barrel

Emery Stone - Stone used for Marble Polishing

Fakki - Line Powder
Falli - Wooden Plank
Farma - Measuring Box

Gattu - Concrete Block
Gattu Brick - 15cm Thick Brick
Geru - Red Colour Powder
Ghabhadi / Chabadi / Gabadi - Hollow space / hole
Ghadai - Preparation and cleaning of surface
Ghamela - Mortar Pan
Ghishi - Groove
Ghishi Patti - Batten for Groove Making
Ghotai - Smooth Finish
Gutav - Interlocking / Bonding
Gutti - Joggle to Reinforcement

Habak - White Zink Paste
Hatoda - Hammer

Jad - Butt/Unfinished Gap between plaster and skirting
Jali /Jalli - Mesh

Kaccha - Inferior
Kani - Projected Edge of plaster / water proofing
Kapchi - Stone chips
Kathya - Thin Rope made from coconut fibre / coir
Kau - Red colour powder
Kavadi - China Mosaic Pieces
Khachara level - Flooring Level Marked on door frame
Khadi Maal - 20 mm Metal with Rich Mortar used for packing the gap between the junctions of wall/beam,column
khangar - Over Burnt Bricks
Khara stone - Rough Stone used for Polishing
Khaswa - Very Fine Sand
Khat - Manure
Kitchen Otta - Kitchen Platform
Kodi - On Edge

Lambi - Putty
Lapha - Piece of Plank
Level Batli - Spirit level
Line Dori - String / Marking string

Machan - Bedding (C.M/L.M)
Mandap / Pandal - Temporary shed
M.S Ghodi - M.S chair
Mukadam - Leader of Labour Gang
Mundha - Wooden Ballie

Narmada - Flat brush used for smooth Polishing of Marble,Kotah etc
Nayla - Small Trowel with Pointed Edge

Pachar - Wedge
Pahad - Scaffolding
Pani Patti - Drip Mould
Panja - Form Made out of 6mm dia M.S bars
Parrdi - Thin RCC wall
Patli - RCC Band
Patra - Thin Sheet
Patta - Band
Patti - Strip / Batten
Patti level - Full Level
Perni - Masonary line out
Phawda - Spade
Polish Patra - Metal Float
Poyata - Type of garden soil
Pucca Brick - Well burnt brick

Rabbit - Debris
Rala - Thick Cement slurry
Randha - Wooden Float
Rangat - First layer Masonary Work
Rejas - Small cut pieces / scrap of reinforcement steel

Salai - Pieces of MS Bars
Shinkjas / Shikanja - MS clamps for shuttering
Shingle - very coarse sand

Tacha - Hacking Pick
Tadi Patti - Locking Patti
Tang side - Suspended side
Tappa - Step (Tread and riser)
Thapi - Trowel
Thiyyas - Level Dots
Thokla Bricks - 15 cm Bricks
Tikav - Pick axe
Tapani / Tipni - Small wooded float
Tomato glass - Glass with Tomato design Pattern
Topi - Piece of plank fixed on column to support beam bottom
Tukada - Pieces

Umara Patti - Threshold

Wassa - Wooden Prop
Wata - Rounding in Plaster or Waterproofing
Wooden Farma - Wooden Measuring Box
Wooden Patti - Wooden Batten

Zula /zoola - Swing made from wooden plank & Rope for outside work of buildings at Heights


Jul 14, 2018
Goonya - Right angle (90° Checking equipment)
Olamba - Plumb-bob (used to check vertical levels)
Ghodi - Bar chair is used to support horizontal reinforcing steel (provide cover)
Natra - Corners