Glossary of Words ( Do You Know Local Words used on Site ??? )

Pawan Dhagate

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Dear Engineers Friends ,

In India , Most of the workmen are less educated in terms of academics or Technical terminology used in or at site . Hence they always prefer their local words or terms for their daily work practices .When it comes to New Site Engineers it becomes uneasy sometimes to understand or communicate with the Team of your Skilled or Unskilled workforce working under you . In that case you shall be also aware of the general words frequently used in Indian Sites or Projects .
Here I have compiled some of the Dictionary Type for the ease of my new engineers friends working on Site. Also you can add in this with what you experience in your Area Location .For E.g

Bajari Glass Pin Headed glass
Brass Per 100 units of work
Butt finishing Finishing at the Junction of Skirting and wall Plaster


Chameli glass Glass with chameli flower design pattern
Chavi/Chawis Wooden section
Chhara Unfinished layer of cement mortar plaster (Thick)
Chhalan or Chalni Sieving screen
Chharpatti/Column Patti Thin Hold fast Strip
Chatt Unfinished layer of cement mortar plaster (Thin )
Chikana stone Stone used for Mirror Finishing
Chicken Mesh Hexagonal Wire Nettings
Chinni Chisel
Chuna Fakki Lime Powder
Chuna Ghani Lime Morter Mill


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