Hard rock measurement

Hi all,

Can any one help me .....We had executed hard rock breaking with machinery ( chiseling ) qty 1230 cum after bill submission, client has denied to pay fully 100 % qty with hard rock and instructed to reduce qty considering soft soil in between rock, boulder which is also seen in site.

Now how can be decide how much % is in soft soil there is any IS code to find % of soil present or any assumption.
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Amit Baluni I'll give you some input that may or may not be of use to you.

For the situation you describe, I would tend to agree with your client's disposition. While I don't know how your contract is written or what your job specifications require, typically, "Rock Excavation" pays for the actual volume of rock removed, not a zone or area where rock AND other materials were removed. The agencies that I work for have a specification requirement that compensates the contractor for "...boulders and rocks of 0.5 CM or more in volume measured individually and the volume computed from average dimensions taken in 3 directions." This is independent of the method/machinery required, whether it requires an excavator/bucket or, as you required, hoe rams/hammers/chisels. It is a fair and equitable means of compensation since it provides for the actual site conditions encountered and not an assumed volume of either rock and/or soil that may/may not be present in an area.

I don't use IS codes and therefore don't know if there are any specifications available that can provide you with guidance, but I would be hesitant to think that there is a %-type factor available in a specifications since site conditions will always vary. You may not be able to agree to a measured quantity with your client given that the work is already done...

Let the membership know how this situation turns out for you and your client: After Action Reports and Lessons Learned are always a great way to share knowledge - Cheers
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