Answered How do we check the grade of steel at site?

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
The only option you have for checking the grade of steel while working at site is to look at the stamping on bar for its manufacturing details.

All ISI mark rebars manufacturer emboss the details of reinforcement steel on every reabr. the rebar do have following details emboss on it;

Dia of reinforcement bar
Brand / trademark
Grade of steel

To verify the grade of steel, you can inspect those details on steel bars randomly.

If you wish to verify, does steel bars exhibits the same properties of grade of steel mention on it, you need to test it on universal testing machine for tensile strength of it. if universal testing machine is not available at project site (in maximum cases, this machine is not available at project site) you can send the samples of rebar to third party testing laboratory which is near by you and acredited by NABL.

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