How is your profile at CIvil4M


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Sep 7, 2017
All my Dear Members of Forum,

Do you know, when someone see your profile and if they found your Username as a mobile number or some kind of text number combination it does not look good.

We all are Civil Engineers and we should proud for it.

Kindly make sure, you have a Username which does not contain any number. if you wish to hide your name from others, you can use any name but it should be decent and should make sense that you are Engineers rather than someone else.

You can change your username once, so if you feel, you are an Engineer and pride in yourself, consider changing username to correct.

You can also upload you photo as a profile picture in your profile.

In order to edit your profile, you can do that by clicking on your profile icon shown at top bar and then click on account details.

Edit the details which you want to change or add and then click on save.

Thank You for Reading!