How to achieve growth in career in engineering


Sir i am Be Civil working as Site Engineer from 5 year. I want to learn Msp and primevera.. will these thing help me in boosting
my career growth
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MSP and Primavera software are the some planning oriented tools which are generally used in construction management for mega projects/ fast track projects or any kind of projects where Time factor is having prime importance respective to Quality, Safety and Cost.

If any body want to switch over from 'site execution' profile to 'planning engineer' then knowledge of MSP or Primavera is essential. it depends on company to company's system which software they prefer and afford for purchasing software's licence copies to use it to employee as well.

After learning any software from any institute, its continue utilization or practicing is very important. otherwise if it not used for long time, Engineer can forget it's applications at micro level. But no worry after practicing and efforts; one can recollect it and become good user.

It's fact, that some times it happens that most of the Engineers are doing planning in 'MS excel' in-spite they having knowledge of msp / primavera may be due to any reasons either he may comfortable to doing it or his senior's understand it better.

if there is separate planning engineer on site who takes the inputs from site team and prepares the schedule, then any body being a site engineer only primary / superficial knowledge of such software is required to read the Gantt chart, Time line and Critical path. Such primary knowledge can be gained from office colleague or friends who having in depth experience in msp/ primavera.

See, an additional knowledge of any kind of software can boost the career; provided how will you get a chance of exposure in your company / field to explore your knowledge. But definitely it will boost your personnel confidence and efficiency in your works if you seriously do it's application.


Dnyan Deshmukh

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To Move further in the profession, no software is going to help you.

Some of my views on it for growing;

1. Do work what you do by knowing what you are doing.
2. Take control of all activities and be the king of your kingdom
3. If you treat your work area as your kingdom and your self as a King of it, you gain control over it.
4. When everything is under your control, you can expand your kingdom by taking additional responsibility (This is turning point).
5. If you cant handle your own responsibility well, taking additional responsibilities will prove that, you are incapable and instead of rising downfall will start.
6. To become king you need to understand all situation and way to tackle them. unless you are competent enough to do that, growth will always go away from you and may come along with you as you age (This remind me a dialog from one of the movie; some peoples are great - this happens when you own responsibility, and greatness is imposed on them even though they are not great - this happens with your ageing)
7. There are lot of things which peoples are incapable of handling, you first handle your own and then look at others area to handle more.

If you think this way, i don't think you need to worry about growth. it will come automatically and you even not able to know about it like how we forget how many years passed.

No software, higher education will help you in climbing up. its you who makes difference if competent enough, else time will move you as per destiny written by him.


Decide whether you wish to make a career working at site or you want to move to work in the office. Only if you want to work in the office, do you require to learn different software like MSP and Primavera? If you want to work at the site, as you are doing now, you only need to know MSOffice and the internet well. A site engineer's job is more of fieldwork therefore he does not require to learn sophisticated software. Then I also agree with what Dhyan Deshmukh has said. You can grow if you are capable of handling someone else's work apart from your own.


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Dear Mr Noman

What other three gentleman as advised to you is absolutely right!

Apart from Technical things, you need to try following few things:
1) Human Relationship - Man/Labour Management: this is very important aspect in our daily life and we, Engineers never taught at College...
Try to learn how to handle people effectively by identify, recognizing their skills, if their attitude is good; give them an opportunity & chance and upgrading them to next level, try to keep them well informed, try to be frank & honest in discussions and try to motivate them, try to take them into confidence and thereby establish & keep a group dedicated to you and you can take them all along for all of your assignments/jobs wherever/whichever the projects/sites you go...
2) Always try to put a bit extra efforts at site as well as in office by doing some additional things i.e. 'out of the box' way/approach
3) Try to be have good rapport with your Seniors by sincere communication, dedication and loyal to them...and try to look for only positive's either from Seniors or from subordinates....
4) Since you are young, try to be dynamic in approach by working hard and extra hours....
5) Try to work for long term basis instead of short term immediate gains, be loyal for the Company/Superiors
6) Always be ready to take responsibility and at the same time you can delegate your authority & responsibility to others also.....
7) Always try to work for job satisfaction

Overall, as long as you are happy with agreed remunerations and allowances, you can continue and try to become a Project Engineer, Project Manager and so on...

Good Luck & All the Best
God Bless You