How to check optimal aggregate content in Concrete Mix Design

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Optimal aggregate content in Concrete Mix Design
Concrete volume mainly content max amount of aggregates in it.
It is important to check the aggregates content in a mix before using it on large scale for production.

We can check for the optimal content by producing a trial batch at RMC plant or at Site lab mixer as per mix proportion of concrete.
Take the sample by remixing produce concrete and place it in container /bucket and compact it.

If metal protrude from the surface, it shows metal content is too high.
If its not protruding from the surface, scratch the surface of the concrete before its hardened, using nail or screw driver.
If the content of metal is correct, you will find them 2 to 3mm below the surface.

If they are deeper than this, then metal content is low and need to be increased.

If the metal content is high, Reduce the metal and increase the sand content by same % either volume or weight and redo test till you get the right content in mix.

Then finally adjust the proportion in mix and check other properties of concrete.
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