How to Download Shared Content on Civil4M

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
I am Making this post to let all you know about how to download the content which is posted here as an attachment.

Only Registered Members can Download the content!

Registered Members are those;

Who did registration process and then activate there account through the link sent on email id which was used during registration.

Unless account is activated by you through the link in your inbox, you will be treated as unregistered member.

A registered member can do following;

View attached, posted images of the post in its full size, unregistered members only able to see thumbnails of it.

Can download attached files by clicking on them.

Do not use a download manager like advance download manager or DAP or any other.

Let it download through default browser which you are using.

There is a problem in the Android app, it do not allow to download or upload any content.

Its due to missing permission in app, due to this Android OS is not allowing to donwload and upload.

We will be fixing it in a day or two.

Hope its now clear to all.