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Hello Students,

I think most of you are troubling in selecting the Topic/Title for your Final Year Project. Even when i was a student, i to faced the similar difficulties which you are facing now.

Now don't worry, i will suggest you few things based on which i think it will be easy for you to select your Final Year Project.

Steps to Follow:-

1. Check in which field you are good at :- Theroy or Practical
2. If you are good at Theory, then you can go for 'n' number of projects
3. If you want to improve your practical knowledge, then you can proceed with Practical Project
4. Build your team
5. Select a Team Leader for your Team
6. Search for the topics available on the internet
7. Read Abstracts for the Project available on the Internet
8. Shortlist some of the project which you understand after reading from the internet
9. Find out what more can be done to improve that project
10. List down the problems you identified in that project
11. Start finding the solution for the problem
12. In this way you end up completing your Final Year Project without much Struggle.

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If you find this information more useful, do share it with your friend & help them in selecting their Final Year Project.