Question How you all are doing Post COVID 19

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
After hearing about COVID 19 breakout in the Month of Feb 20 and further Lock-Down in March 20 the situation of everyone was most likely of having panic and more conscious about what ever happening and everybody was thinking about saving there self by ensuring all precautionary measures.

Now after so much long time, still everybody has fear in their mind but we found-out our new normal routine as we cant sit and wait to get environment cleared from this. We witnessed the biggest global pandemic and the reactions of peoples and organisations to it.

I hope you all are doing well now, don't just think of you lost job or got salary cuts or lost all your paid leaves due to COVID 19, but think it in a way that, the COVID 19 gave you opportunity to understand about you were working for those peoples who actually never care about you nor they had any plan for you (if this COVID was not there, you might haven't ever able to understand it).

I request all to provide your honest replies to this thread about your experiences, if there any companies who really thinks or cares about there staff, do not hesitate to post good words about them because if peoples are interested in giving their 100% dedications to companies, at least they will have a list of biggest examples of companies who stands by their employee and not started to forget about their responsibility for their staff by observing few month loss in profit (i could say short term losses).

Firing from Job / Salary Cuts / Debiting from Paid Leave Balance - Such incidents only happens when companies knows, if they float application for jobs, there will be 1000's who will come for applying. You all can change scenario by helping many to understand which are those company who does not stand by their employees when it is most required by them, so that applicant also treat a company in a same way and the peoples who really work for companies could able to actually deliver whatever they wish to its best level in deserving companies only.

I hope for the best and sooner release of COVID 19 Vaccine in the market so that the new normal becomes a normal which was a year before.
COVID 19 almost erased 2020 year from my life but gave me a good level of understanding which change my perspective and understanding about the world.

I Feel very bad about peoples who lost their jobs / lost their family members but there is nothing that i could do for you other than expressing my feelings about it.
Be Safe and do your daily work activities safely till we get cure invented.
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Apr 17, 2018
Covid-19 has been an eye-opener, in fact, COVID has been able to do the things which I couldn't have done at least till my retirement.

First of all, it has given us a good break from a stressful work environment. It has given us time to retrospect and think about one's life and family members. In the quest for making more money, we have literally neglected our families to such an extent that you can feel the coldness in our relationships with our family members. All these times we were taking our families for granted. This has been a wonderful opportunity to bond with our family members.

COVID has also taught us the hygiene and how to maintain our bodies which also till this time we were taking for granted, all have become health conscious and doing some kind of exercise or the other, eating good homely food which we are now enjoying because of COVID as mostly all construction professional eat cold tiffin food in the lunch break and hot food is available at dinner time.

Further, it has also given me time to plan my future 10 years what I should be doing to secure my life after retirement in the next 10 years.

As regards companies that are laying off their workers I am of the opinion that Gratefulness towards the employees is not there and employers are only concerned about their loss in profits and are finding the sacking of employees the easiest option to free themselves from liabilities. They will sack their current employees and once the situation starts normalizing they will again recruit new people. Now tell me will the universe give them the growth opportunities no it will not.

See industrialists like Ratan Tata, who have not laid off their employees considering this pandemic wherein the employees need to be shown empathy and not removed from their jobs.

Asian paints have raised the salaries of their employees to boost their morale, it has deposited money into accounts of their contractors so that they are also not demoralized read this link to know more Asian Paints raises staff salaries to boost morale. TRUE businesses are like the Tata's and Asian paints to name a few many more may have taken such steps kudos to them and to all employees who work for them they are truly blessed.

People are not paid salaries as they are not able to open their factories, some are paid only 10 to 15% of their original salaries, just because the banks have extended the moratorium companies are not paying the employees their salaries, after the moratorium period all loanees will have to pay their EMI's who will bear the interest burden, its the responsibility of the Governments as they have imposed the LOCKDOWNs and caused the huge amount of financial losses to both employers and employees.

I feel that all losses which have occurred due to COVID should be absorbed by the Government and they should give relief to each and every affected person as people have not called for lockdowns the Government has enforced the lockdown.

This is an eyeopener to all who have taken loans, that they should live within their earning capabilities and not unnecessary take loans and live on debt as whenever such situation like COVID happened if there was no loan burden it would not have impacted peoples life, a little bit setback would have been there but not to the tune of such levels which are currently seen. I would say that all those who have taken loans should asap try and close all their loans so that at least you can be tension free.

I hope and pray that let the VACCINE arrive soon or at least a CURE so that we are not made to live our lives in such a manner which we are currently living.
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