I have write my first article for ssc je civil engineering 2018


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Strategy of SSC JE Civil engineering

First of all, you should know how many hours you study, because it will be your strategy.
Because you have to study for at least 8 hours a day.

It has stayed only for 45 days
In it you want to cover civil engineering + General intelligence and reasoning + general awareness, so this is not a simple thing. So it is necessary to study at least 8 hours daily.

First of all, study civil engineering, because they are your field subjects.
Now there are 12 Subjects in Civil Engineering, then what to do first ??
In the first case, study RRC + Building material + Concrete technology, subject 3 because the paper asks for 30-35 questions in three subjects. Concrete is common in these 3 topics, so there is a link to study
Read and understand carefully when reading, because do not want to get confused and learn how to get your notes.

Then study Fluid Mechanics + soil mechanics + Theory of structure. These 3 topics are very important because in the previous paper only 32 questions were asked on a soil mechanics subject, so these 3 subjects should be perfected. These topics become extremely fluactuate in civil engineering. Remember, sometimes you can ask 50 questions on these topics and sometimes 50 questions.
Then steel design is the subject above but sometimes 5 and sometimes 10 questions are asked
Estimating costing + asking for the same old Puran questions on surveying.
Environmental engineering + irrigation + Transport Engineering generally asks for 3-5 questions.

Even if you have done these subjects, you can use 100 out 80 cover in civil engineering.
For general awareness, read a book of manohar pande and read an newspaper daily about 20 rupees
Please solve the question paper in Genaral intelligence.

this is my first article then there are some mistakes, u will be understand. Thank you.

Amol Gadekar