Importance and cost of construction equipment

Alhaj Pathan


For major construction projects, The speed of and timely completion of work is very important. For timely completion of work, the mechanization of most of the construction work is required. The proper use of construction equipment contributes to economy, safety, quality, speed of work etc.

The construction equipment are deployed on site for various reason such as:
  • For larger output
  • For cost effective implementation
  • For execution of work that is not feasible by manual efforts
  • For maintaining large output, even if there is a shortage of skilled and semi - skilled manpower
  • For precise implementation by using modern construction equipment equipped with software controls
The construction equipment and machinery of high capacities are available now and very large outputs are possible due to mechanization. Thus, the deployment of construction equipment on site is vital importance in completing the work at an optimum cost within stipulated time.

Cost of construction equipment

The factors that influence construction costs are materials, labour, construction equipment, overhead and profit etc. The cost of construction equipment is a major factor in all projects. The cost of construction equipment ranges from 25% to 40% of total project cost depending upon type of project.

The amount which is invested in the purchase of construction equipment should be recovered during the useful period of such equipment.