Information on Piling work at construction project


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Information on Piling work at construction project
Pile foundation is preferred in construction project when the safe bearing capacity of the soil / strata is very low and no other types of foundation can with stand their.

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The attached document on piling works at construction project includes information on following topics;
What is a Pile?
Pile is a conduit through which load from the structure is transferred to soil either by friction or by bearing or by both.

Classifications of piles
Concrete Piles
- Bored cast in situ piles
- Driven cast in situ piles
- Driven Precast piles
Steel Piles

Test on piles
- Pile load test (vertical compression,lateral & pull out )
- Pile integrity test (low strain dynamic test)
- PDA test (high strain dynamic test)
- Lateral dynamic test
- Ultrasonic logging test
- “O” cell load test method.

Factors governing selection of types of piles to be used for construction
Practical consideration for selection of type of pile
Cost-Time Logistics and other factors aspect for selection of pile
Commercial consideration for selection of pile type

List of reference codes
IS 2911 part -1 (sec 1) - Design & construction of pile foundation (DCIS)
IS 2911 part -1 (sec 2) - Design & construction of pile foundation (BCIS)
IS 2911 part -1 (sec 3) - design & construction of pile foundation (Driven precast))
IS 2911 part-4 –Load test on piles.
IS 14593 –Design & construction of bored cast-in-situ piles founded on rocks.
IS 14893 – Non destructive integrity testing of piles
BS-8004 –1996 code of practice for foundations
ASTM d 5882 -07 – standard test method for low strain impact integrity testing of deep foundations
ASTM d 4945 – 00 - standard test method for high-strain dynamic testing of piles.

Operation of replacement pile
Operation of displacement pile
Installation sequence for
- driven cast in situ pile
- bored cast in situ pile
Placing of reinforcement and concreting of bored pile
Concrete operation in BCIS pile
Characteristics of bentonite suspensions for Bored Cast in Situ Piles
Important things to be followed for
- driven cast in situ pile
- bored cast in situ pile
- Driven precast pile
Precast pile jointing details
Vertical Load test on pile
Arrangement for Vertical Load Test
Vertical Load Test Photograph
Lateral Load Test Arrangements
Pullout or up lift test arrangement for pile
Pull Out Test Photograph
Pile Integrity test
PDA test on pile (high strain dynamic test)
O-Cell test on pile
O-cell test on pile working and arrangement

Its a complete guide on piling works consist of all information that engineer should know before starting the works. you can download the piling work document from below attachement.


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Members, I thought I would "Refresh" this thread and pass on some information that might be of interest to you, especially if you are new to piling or interested in learning some piling basics. I have written numerous articles on the subject of piling, including introductory information, how to assess piles being driven and some "Lessons Learned" articles where I've had to troubleshoot piling-related issues. Cheers!!!