Information on Reinforcement steel works at construction Project


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Sep 21, 2017
Information on Reinforcement steel works at construction Project
In any construction project which includes building of reinforce concrete structures, Reinforcement steel works is a very important activity and it directly impact on durability of the structure built with it.

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In attached document on reinforcement steel, i had included every possible details which is required for execution of any RCC structure, the content of document is as follows;
Category of Reinforcements
Carbon steel bars (plain and deformed).
Cold reduced plain and deformed steel wire fabric.
Stainless steel bars and fabric.
Galvanized carbon steel bars and fabric.
Epoxy coated carbon steel bars.
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) rebar- [Non steel reinforcement]

Reference Indian Standards
IS 1786 - Specification for High Strength Deformed bar and Wires for Concrete Reinforcement.
IS 432 PART 1 - Specification for Mild steel and Medium tensile steel bars and hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement
IS 432 PART 2 - Specification for Mild steel and Medium tensile steel bars and hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement.
IS 2502 Code of practice for Bending and Fixing Bars for Concrete Reinforcement.
SP 34 - Hand book on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing

Reference International Standards
BS 4449 Carbon steel bars for concrete.
BS 7295 Fusion bonded epoxy coated steel
BS6744 Stainless steel
BS 4483 Steel fabric
BS 4482 Hard drawn wire
BS 8666 Scheduling dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete - Specification
ASTM A 615 for carbon steel rebar.
ASTM A 706 for seismic rebar.
ASTM A 955 for stainless steel rebar.
ACI 440 for FRP bars
DIN 488 Reinforcing steels

It includes information on
How to Calculate Hook & Bend Allowance
Minimum Diameter Required for Bending Former
Checks for reinforcement steel bars and bent steel
Testing of Reinforcement steel bars
Rebar Mechanical properties
Nominal Cover for Durability requirement
Material for Cover block manufacturing
Photographs of reinforcement steel bars
- Plain Rebars
- Deformed Rebars
- Stainless Steel Rebar
- Epoxy coated rebar
- Hot Dip Galvanised Rebar
- FRP Rebar
- Pre-fabricated cages
- Rebar Tying machine
Splicing Methods
- Lap Splicing
- Welding
- Mechanical Coupler
Reinforcement Binding
- Slash tie
- Ring slash tie
- Ring hairpin tie
- Crown Tie
- Splice Tie
Welding of Reinforcement steel bars
Quality Control Test on Welded Rebars
Precautions in Rebar Actvity
Why is it important to bend the bar around the correct radius?
Why TMT Rebar should not be cut with Flame?
Lapping of longitudinal steel bars

It a complete guide for reinforcement steel works, you can download it from below attachment.