Inspection and Test Plan ITP - how and why to prepare it

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Inspection and Test Plan ITP - how and why to prepare it
To achieve the better Quality Products at Construction Project, Planning of Quality objectives are vital part in it.
Inspection and Test Plan also known as ITP plays very important role in achieving Quality Objectives.

It basically a set of guidelines which specifies what test should be done at site laboratory or outside / third party laboratory in case of ITP made for Materials.
Why i should prepare ITP
If you make ITP for material testing, it denotes that, your organisation is serious about Quality parameters of material which are being used for construction.

To make a ITP for material you should know following

1. Importance of Material Aesthetically / Structurally
2. Material available in your country complies to which standards.
3. Acceptance criteria as per standards.
4. Specific requirements / company specification.
5. Capacity of site setup to handle testing of material (every day, weekly and monthly tests etc.)

Base on above details, we can move further to make a ITP.

Why I should make ITP
ITP states the test parameters which to be checked at site or third party lab as per frequency set for each material along with their acceptance limits and the type of record to be maintained when material reach at Site.

If we do not have ITP in place, the testing of material will vary person to person and may overlooked which may results into poor Quality material acceptance and improper records.

In case a new engineer joins the project, ITP helps him/her in understanding the set Quality standards and its compliance.

I am attaching herewith a basic level ITP plan (its older but will help you in understanding, what it is and how to make it)

You can make your own ITP plan in any format like Excel, Word, PDF etc by referring this document.


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