Answered Is it really possible?


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Feb 3, 2019
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Wow!!!! What an amazing picture!! Think of the forces involved and how rigid the structure's internal frame needs to be to withstand all of the bending....That's Awesome!!

I must assume that the causation was some sort of water-related wash-out of the substrate under the building - It's not too often that you see a building foundation exposed like that - Great Picture!!!

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
Yes it is possible, a soil below foundation can get wash away or settle down in part area of foundation.

In general the excavation is done till we reach a hard strata.

when after deep excavation we did not reach to a hard strata, the design of building need to revised and the foundation need to be casted on it.

If the excavation is not done in level or to make it level a person can spread out the soil to make it level with other area in same building.

if the soil is filled in excavated area, it need to be compacted to nearest of its maximum dry density.

If we do not compact, it will lead to settlement.

Building work as a single structure so, there might be slight unequal settlement can be visible.

If i excavate near by plot below the foundation level of this or at same level. The un-compacted soil may find way to came out very easily with the rain water. (this can also happens with compacted soil too).

There is clear indication of unequal settlement seen in picture along with a excavation in neighbors plot which erode soil below foundation, mostly such incident can occur in monsoon.