Is the lapping of bar done correctly?

this is not the right way of lapping.lapping to b segregated so that no obstruction while pouring concrete.regarding methodology of lapping refer my post of how to fix the reinforcement in this site itself

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Lapping in the vertical reinforcement should be staggered and it should be never lap at single level and not at center of the free height too.

At any level not more than 50% number of bars should be lapped.

staggering of rebar can be done as stated below

find the center of free height of column

say column height from slab top to beam bottom is 3 meter.

You should lap the 50 % bar below 1.5 meter height

50% bar above the 1.5 meter height.

If no one is ready to listen you then write to your structural consultant with photo of it, in case structural engineer visited the site and said OK for it (In general structural consultant who visits the site, do not have actual knowledge of it and they were just a trainee who joined a structural consultant to get experience and start their own agency)


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  • As per IS:13920-1993, the lap length be provided ONLY in the middle half of column and not near its top or bottom ends (Ref attached Figure).
  • Also, only half the vertical bars in the column are to be lapped at a time in any storey.
  • Further, when laps are provided, ties must be provided along the length of the lap at a spacing not more than 150mm or as specified by consultant.