Lab Test Format - Determination of Admixture Properties

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Determination of Admixture Properties
At construction project or at RMC plant we can check the properties of admixture by doing admixture performance test through trials.
Admixture affect the properties of concrete very badly as it is intended to modify the properties of concrete. if there is change in admixture property it will affect the concrete produced with it.
When a new lot of admixture is received at site.
Admixture performance test should be done by carrying out the trial with newly received batch of admixture and its result should be compare with previous batch of admixture.
Do not use admixture without prior checking its performance, it may lead to sever damages and in some cases need to broke the structures casted with it.

I have attached herewith a format for doing admixture performance test.


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