Lab Test Format - Determination of Concrete Yield

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Determination of Concrete Yield
Concrete yield determination is important in order to ensure you are receiving correct volume of concrete which you had ordered.
If you are ordering it from RMC and if you wont check the yield of it, then chances are you might be getting less concrete for ordered concrete.
Example - you ordered 105 cum of concrete where you required 100 cum. you did all checking including physical measurements at site and still cant find what was the cause and where that additional 5 cum concrete gone.
RMC's are smart they use fake batch report so you cant rely on their batch report though they say, its all automatically printed report generated during batching of you concrete.

In order to understand, the concrete guy is not fooling you and stealing your money by reducing the quantity and making fake batch report, Concrete Yield test can save you from indirect cost and unaccounted wastage seen at you project.

Its a simple test and wont take lot time to do.

The format for concrete yield test for recording results is attached herewith.


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