Lighting System Design Calculation for STP Sewage Treatment Plant

Lighting System Design Calculation for STP Sewage Treatment Plant
I am attaching the lighting system design calculations done at one of my project for you reference. this calculations are done for Sewage Treatment Plant.

Lighting System Design Calculations Excel Sheet have following calculations in it;
Lighting Indoor Calculations for
Chemical Room
Store Room
Sludge Collection Room
Sludge Decanter Room
Panel Room
Office Room
Filter House - Chlorination Room
Filter House - Air Blower Room
Filter house - backwash pump house

Indoor Lighting Calculation Formula Sheet
Utilization Factors calculation sheet
Lux Factor details
Lumens factor details

You can download STP lighting system design calculations sheet and modify it as per your project requirement, specifications and standards.


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Dnyan Deshmukh

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Then may god help you.

There are many people including me downloaded same stuff and found everything inside.

I do not want to put question mark on ur capabilities.

If excel is opening means you downloaded correct file but you might not understanding how to navigate to other sheets in it.

If u had downloaded it on pc then after opening click on enable editing or mark the location as trusted location.

Excel treat downloaded files filder and some folder in C drive as untrusted.

If you had downloaded on mobile.

Then check at the top for switching sheet menu.

I cant go beyond this to help you out

You are too away from my place else i would have shown you how to operate it.

Sheet which open by default have only heading you need to switch to other sheets and change data according to your need in order to produce result
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