List of NoCs required to be checked for any project in Mumbai

Pawan Dhagate

Staff member
According to our experience , any construction projects atleast require updated NOC as Follows :
  1. Sanction copy of Approval by Local Authority ( BMC ,MMRDA etc )
  2. Factory License
  3. Labour Contracts
  4. ESIC
  5. MPCB ( Maharastra Pollution control board )
  6. Legal Department of Metrology
  7. Land Agreements and Records

There may be other certificates needed as depending upon your site situations and requirements . Kindly refer for Legal Advisors of your Company .

Thanks for the response..
Can you elaborate more per BMC, we need to check IOD, CC.....before start of excavation we need to check for wise what are the exact terminology one should know in chronological order..?