List of Tests conducted on Construction Materials

List of Tests conducted on Construction Materials

Test Parameters

  1. Grade 43/53, OPC brand
  2. freshness test
    • Manufacturing date not over six weeks from delivery date
    • Lump test no lumps should be present
  3. Fineness Test
    • Feeling to the fingers it should feel silky, after rubbing in the fingers
    • When hand immersed in bag it should feel cool
  4. Weight - each bag 50 kg +/- kg
  5. floating test - should float on water before sinking
  6. paste test should gain some strength after 24 hours curing.
  7. type of bag jute / polythene / paper bag
  8. original stitching should be intact

Test Parameters

  1. Gauge of wire as ordered ( normal gauge 16 s.w.g.)
  2. Binding test for hardness should be soft for twisting

Test Parameters

  1. " mark " on steel " tor" marking should be rolled on every meter length.
  2. Pitch of twist of bar 8 to 12 times of nominal diameter of bar in mm
  3. Weight per meter length theoretical weight
    • 6 mm dia bar 0.22 kg/m
    • 8 mm dia bar 0.39 kg/m
    • 10 mm dia bar 0.62 kg/m
    • 12 mm dia bar 0.89 kg/m
    • 16 mm dia bar 1.58 kg/m
    • 20 mm dia bar 2.47 kg/m
  4. Rusting should not be found
  5. Diameter as required
  6. Bending test for hardness it should bend smoothly and should not develop any cracks while bending
  7. Length of bar for 8 to 10 mm > 11 to 12 meter and for 16 mm & above > 12 meter.
Test Parameters

  1. Silt percentage 10 min test maximum 12% to 15%, 8 hr. test maximum 8%
  2. Size of particle not much coarse nor fine
  3. Very fine sand not advisable for r.c.c. work
  4. Organic impurities should be within limits & should be identified by visualization ( such as mixed quantity of shell/single and other impurities

Test Parameters

  1. Shape cubical, hard. flat & flaky should be less than 6%.
  2. Size 4.75 mm to 12 mm for metal no. 1 and 10 mm to 30 mm for metal no. 2
  3. % of grit up to 4% allowed only for metal no. 1
  4. Quality of stone/grit blackish grey, uniform color & hard
  5. Absorption of water in 24 hrs less than 5% by weight
  6. Dry loose Bulk Density

Test Parameters

  1. Quality it should not get muddy when mixed with water
  2. Size / quality of stone should be in range of 5mm to 265 mm
  3. Hardness particles should be hard enough.

Test Parameters

  1. Type solid/ hollow core as per purchase order
  2. Bonding material phenol bonded/ as specified in P. O.
  3. Defects free from bends, twisting and wraping 2 size/ thickness as per purchase order 3 edges should be sharp, straight and no damages in top layer
Test Parameters

  1. Color reddish and uniform
  2. Edges should be sharp, straight and in right angles
  3. Size full size for 4" x" & 6" wall thickness
  4. Frog should not be less than 1 cm & should not be more than 2 cm.
  5. Water absorption should not be more than 20% by weight
  6. Soundness should give clear metallic ringing sound
  7. Burning should not be over burned (khangar) or under burned ( kaccha )
  8. % of breaking should not be more than 5%
  9. Strength should not break when thrown on their flat face from a height of 60cm (24" )

Test Parameters

  1. Color even & uniform (reddish or white)
  2. Strength it should harden within 12 hours after application on walls
  3. Consistency it should be consistent and can be judged by visual observation
  4. Freshness no lumps should be observed
  5. Weight of bag/ brand as specified in purchase order(approx. 30 kg / bag)

Test Parameters

  1. Size it should be as per requirement
  2. Edges should be sharp, straight and in right angles
  3. Texture homogeneous
  4. Defects free from cracks
  5. Strength it should not break when dropped on its flat face on hard ground from 1.0 m (3'3") height
  6. Absorption test not more than 10% by weight
  7. Weight weight of blocks should be taken after curing period is over for each lot
  8. % of breaking it should not be more than 3%

WOODEN DOOR FRAME : Sal Wood/ Teak Wood/ Burma Teak Wood
Field Test Details Required Results

  1. Size requirement drawing / order
  2. Section of wood as per drawing / order
  3. Color of wood as per specified quality
  4. Type of wood sal wood / teak wood / c.p. teak / burma teak wood or as per requirement
  5. Diagonal of frame both should be correct
  6. Right angle of frame both should be (both) in 90 degrees
  7. Edges of frame sharp
  8. Depth of shutter notch as per drawing
  9. Length of horn on either as per side drawing
  10. Number of bracings 4 nos.
    • Top 50 x 25 mm (2" x 1") at 45 - 2 nos.
    • Centre 50 x 25 mm (2" x 1") patti
    • Bottom M.S. angle 25 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm or as per requirement
  11. Presence of holes/ cracks/ should be knot/ termites & bends free from all defects.
  12. Checking of joints it should be as per drawing

Field Test Details Required Results

  1. Size as per drawing
  2. Diagonal and plumb should be perfect
  3. Section /accessories used for as mentioned in drawing mullion, tracks, shutters interlocking etc
  4. Fixing work should be proper with screws
  5. Check for necessary position it should be located as per drawing and rubber/ p.v.c. packing for glass
  6. Check for waviness, cracks should be free from any defects cavities etc for glass
  7. Check for quality as per specification of glass, aluminium section coating etc
  8. Make of aluminium section as specified used
  9. Sliding of glass panels smooth
  10. Scratches/ bends/ cracks if any free from all defects
  11. Proper fixing in wall side gap should not be there opening (if any, filled with gap filler )
  12. Provision of drain holes should be provided in window bottom channel as per drawings

Field Test Details Required Results

  1. Class/ diameter/ wall thickness it should be marked with proper color, makings and thickness as per class
  2. Defects free from any cracks
  3. Weight of pipe should be as per standard weights
  4. Length and size as per purchase order