Must Read : Article Copying from Other Sites

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
Dear All,

Do not make copy paste posts from articles, which are posted on other sites.

You can do a copy paste for articles which are made by you on other forum/ blogs.

In case if you really want to share a good posts with intention not to make any profit from it and purely to make it available to all Civil Engineers.

You can post it by giving proper credit to original author at the end of post by stating below.

Name of Author : name displayed on other website (If you don't know the author name).
Link to Original content: link of website article from where it is copied.
Disclaimer : This article was copied and pasted from the website above with the sole intention of making it available to other Civil Engineers. I stand to gain nothing from re-posting this article and will gladly remove it or modify it at the request of the original author.

Note: If you are the original writer of the article and find it posted at here and want to remove it. You can send me a private massage or send me email via by clicking Contact Us. I will happily remove the content as long as you prove the content posted here belongs to you.

Thank You