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Dnyan Deshmukh

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How to Post A Question
When we ask a question to someone, the purpose of it to understand it and not to just post a Question for doing time pass.

Understand the basic thing when posting question.
There is no one in this world can understand whats going on in your mind and what actually you are looking for.

someone ask, what is p sand and writes please explain in description of it.
Other Engineers may not be in position to understand what you are looking for and what is its purpose.
So your question may remain unanswered.

How to Post a Question
Title of the post

It should give a clear indication of what you are looking for.
It should contain a max possible data which you can supply to understand it and get the answer from others.

This gives an idea to other Engineers to what exactly your question is and do really you want answer for it or just for a sake of time pass you posted it.

Once the Other Engineer understand the background of your question, one can be in position to help you out by providing answer for it.

Example of how to post a Question

Tittle : - What is M25 in Concrete.
Description : - I am new to it, i do not know what is M25.
I am now working in quality department and my boss told me to design M25 concrete.
How should i proceed with it and what thing i should know or do to make M25 concrete.

Above example gives clear idea to other Engineers who are reading this question. and they can guide you by answering in best possible way.

Without description, your post have other meaning and most probably you may not get right answer for it.

Hope all of you must have understood, how to post a question.

Now you can proceed with posting question in Ask Question Section.

Thank You
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